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So here we are, it is nearly the end of January – the first chapter of 2019…how’s it been?

Well I am not going to lie, it has been crazy busy but in a positive way. I have tried new things – I popped my BoogieBounce cherry and safe to say I am loving it! It is a tough workout but it is a great fun stress buster that leaves me uplifted and at the end of the week there is no better way then to bounce away all the juggling pots to make me sweat and smile. Yes, I wobble and had a few Oops moments but its an empowering class that makes me feel alive and having space away from work, home, my gorgeous children and my amazing hubby does me wonders and I come back ready to give life more.

I have been trying hard this month to focus on my own wellbeing as I was so burnt out at Christmas. I have been conscious of what I eat, despite eating a varied diet – I eat too much and often hoover up the children’s left overs, nibble a bit here and there and without thinking probably consumed a ridiculous number of calories. I am human, at times hormonal and I am sure I am not alone on this one, so I have been so good not to slip into these habits – thinking before I eat and ensuring I drink plenty of water. The consequence of lots of weeing but hey it keeps me healthy and if I get to have a wee without a child present then I am winning!

I have embraced dry January and much to my husband’s amazement I have done it! He didn’t think I would last as I often enjoy a bottle over a weekend or a few cheeky G&T’s and he couldn’t remember the last time I went a month without booze…ummm what about those two times I was pregnant with our children – oh yeah! Well if I am honest, I thought I would struggle too but actually I haven’t missed it there has only been two times when I thought ooh, I really fancy a glass which funnily enough coincided with challenging days with my little monkeys. You know those days when you need a glass just to get through bath time…but I didn’t cave!

Juggling work this month has been tough, lots of things I intended to do with my business has taken a backseat due to meetings and deadlines of my other role and my volunteer work. It makes me realise that I can’t do everything but a lot of it comes down to planning, I have been embracing the importance of scheduling tasks – it sounds ridiculous but how often do you have a to do list that is endless and then just focus on the small ones to feel like you are #winning at life, I know I do! I have even been known to add tasks to the list and tick them off so I feel like I have accomplished something. So, to stop my procrastination, I have started to schedule and block out time when I can do things e.g. social media planning, business ideas, business admin, networking, uni work, governors work, volunteer work, menu and food shop order etc but also most importantly I have blocked out self-care time. This is vital to my self-worth, my sanity and allowing my own space to breathe – my self-care time includes going for a walk, having a brew in peace, reading a few chapters of a book, having my nails done, going for a massage and some pampering but also includes exercise so my PT sessions with Zoe, Yoga with Ruth, BoogieBounce with Gem but most importantly time with the girls. This month we challenged ourselves and our inner Van Gough and produced some amazing paintings which is proudly in my treatment room.

I have laughed this month, gone a bit potty at times, smiled at my achievements but also taken compliments – being told ‘you look so well’ a number of times this month means I must be doing something right. Trust me some days are tougher than others and most of the time I am #wingingit like all of us but be proud of who you are, make some time to schedule and try something new – you might just be surprised by the outcome.

B x

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