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Why I decided to start a blog

Well eeekkk this is very exciting! I have taken a leap of faith, braved my fear and decided to write my own blog – new year, new challenge. My clients love my well-being tips and advice and I felt this would be the perfect platform to help spread the word of little nuggets of advice, how to be your best and most importantly make time and space for your own self-care.

I am a busy Mummy of two little monkeys, run my amazing holistic therapy business, work at a local University in a nursing role, am a governor at my daughter’s school and also volunteer my therapies to a local charity – so I am a constantly juggling life but in an exciting and positive way. Some days are tough but I feel what I learn through life and along my own little journey will hopefully inspire others to put themselves first. So here we go, happy reading – please comment, share and help spread the word! B x

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